The beginnings of Kiff – who are we

Our story has beginnings a little bit more than 3 months ago and is just a tad away from the launch, that we’re all looking forward to so keenly.

Currently it’s just two of us who stand behind Kiff. Žan and Matej, both students from Slovenia, EU. Idea for Kiff was sort of random and funny at first, but nonetheless a result of how we see the world. One day we were talking and Matej was unconsciously puffing through an old, expired nose inhaler. We immediately thought, why not make a product that does just that. Next thing you know, we decided to go through with this idea. After the initial hype, we discovered that we’re not the only ones who thought of that, but also noticed that no one has taken it to the next level yet. And that’s how Kiff was born.


As medicine students, we wanted to make something that would be beneficial as well. Being involved in a system that overly relies on all sorts of artificial substances, we decided to go 100% natural. Local wood, local essential oils, recyclable, in short, we aim to be sustainable. They say that smell is the voice of the soul and after seeing kiff in action we believe it.

We think that sometimes it’s good to slow down a little, especially in today’s world, where moments just rush by. To live in the moment is an overused phrase and no one seems to take it seriously, but what we want to say, is to not take every moment for granted.

The goal for now is to successfully launch Kiff on Kickstarter this Summer. We plan to offer wooden essential oil inhaler, as well as four different packs of essential oil wicks, lavender, lemongrass, minty mix, and black pepper. Each wick is preinfused with Aromacert® grade essential oils and is safe to inhale.

Our community is growing beyond our expectations and we’re really happy to interact with all of you. At the same time, it means a ton to us, that Kiff can be a tiny part of your lives. We hope our story will go on for a long time as this is just the beginning. Actually, Kiff isn’t even born yet but we’re expecting soon. 😊

Mark your calendars – it’s already July. Months are flying by so fast that September 14th will be here in no time. We’ll keep you informed about our early offers on our social media and through our preorder list.

In our previous blog post you can read more about our choice of essential oils for summer.

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