inhaling kiff

Explore the benefits of essential oils

Explore the benefits of essential oils

Kiff is a wooden essential oil inhaler that will enhance your aromatherapy experience.


Inhaling essential oils through Kiff brings mood enhancement, congestion relief, respiratory support and helps you quit bad habits such as smoking, vaping and food addictions. 

Natural and safe

Kiff is non-electronic wooden essential oil inhaler made from quality and sustainable Slovenian wood and our essential oils are therapeutic grade. 


Enjoy your completely discrete essential oil experience. Kiff is small enough to fit in your pocket and perfect for people who travel.

Introducing Kiff

Kiff is first of its kind, personal essential oil diffuser for inhalation through mouth and nose.

Produced exclusively from best Slovenian wood, kiff has its mojo, while maintaining clean and minimalistic design.

Essential oil wicks

Wicks that go inside of Kiff are pre-infused with 100% essential oils, that are Aromacert® approved and are stored in a small resealable and recyclable paper bags.

Whole experience

What makes Kiff so great is that it can be taken everywhere with you. It is a great travel buddy as well as being indispensable at home or your workplace. Enjoy using it from the comfort of your armchair, behind the work desk or your favorite bench in the woods. Whether to lift your mood, relax, ease you into sleep, or simply take your mind off, Kiff is always there for you.

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Our vision

We want everyone to be able to enjoy Kiff and benefit from it. Let that be people who are trying to quit smoking, those with anxiety, constant headaches, insomnia or folks who simply want to reach that nirvana state of pure “relaxness”.

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